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Residential Cleaning Service

Welcome and Thank You for visiting us. We take pride in what we do and take the steps to ensure your home is treated with the utmost respect it deserves. As a family owned business we think of our clients as family and treat you and your home with that same respect. We service home spaces from Essex to Aberdeen. Our pricing is listed as One-Time cleanings but if you require daily or weekly cleanings, we do provide a discount after the initial cleaning. Reach us for more details. To book a cleaning, simply click on the button of your desired type and BOOK US. You will see our pricing and options to Book.

​We can take Check, Cash or Credit at the time of service.

CUSTOMIZE: If you happen to need a custom package then email us the details for a quick quote.
​Any questions reach us by Email: info@redduckcleaning.com or Call or Text: (443) 779-8695
Save 10% on all monthly recurring cleaning.

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Move In & Out Cleaning

Expert Service

-Dust (everything)
-Clean kitchen appliances

-In/Out Kitchen Cabinets

-In/Out of Refrigerator

-Oven Cleaning
-Rails/Ledges In Home
-Clean sinks / counter tops
-Scrub all toilets
-Clean shower(s) /  bathtub(s)
-Wipe down baseboards
-Vacuum and sweep all floors
-Clean Ceiling fans

-Clean all reachable windows and sills
​-Touch All Areas Of Your Home


Standard Cleaning Service

Always Prepared

-Dusting and wiping of reachable areas and furniture
-Clean ceiling fans
-Dusting blinds, window ledges
-Dusting of baseboards
-Dust and wipe doors/doorframes
-Vacuum Carpet / Mop Floors
-Wipe Down Countertops
-Wipe Outside of Appliances
-Outside Kitchen Cabinets

-Full Bathroom Cleaning/Sanitize
​-Interior Window Cleaning & Sills

-Empty Small Trash Bins

*Note: We Do NOT move furniture during this cleaning

We do NOT change bed linens.

House Cleaning | Home Cleaning In Bel Air
Deep Cleaning | Home Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Service

Attention to Detail

-Dusting and wiping of reachable areas and furniture
-Clean ceiling fans
-Dusting and wiping of blinds, window ledges
-Dusting of baseboards(Wiping)
-Dust and wipe doors/doorframes
-Vacuum Carpet / Mop Floors
-Wipe Down Counter tops
-Wipe Outside of Appliances
-Dust Inside/Wipe Outside Kitchen Cabinets

-In/Out Refrigerator Cleaning

-Clean Behind Refrigerator
​-Interior Window Cleaning & Sills

-Full Bathroom Cleaning/Sanitize

-Extra Attention to Bathroom/Kitchen

-Empty Small Trash Bins

-Medium/Bulk Trash Hauling(Additional Cost)

-We do NOT change bed linens


Call or Text: (443) 779-8695

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